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General Insurance

Click here to view our Terms Of Business Agreement – VERSION - 3rd May 2018. Before submitting your application, you must read and agree to our Terms of Business Agreement. Please print a copy for your records.

This form must only be completed by those firms who are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The person completing the form must be a Director (Limited Companies) or Principal / Partner and defined and registered as such on the FCA register. We will email confirmation of your agency number to the email address on the FCA register (or by post if there is no email address) once your application for a general insurance agency has been formally approved.

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1. Agency Details

Important: This application form is only for use by directly authorised sole-traders.

Does the firm have any Appointed Representatives? Yes No *

Appointed Representative has the meaning given to it in section 39(2) of the FSMA (including any person making sales or representations on behalf of any Appointed Representative).

If yes, please contact us at for additional information prior to completing this application form.

FRN (Firm Registration number with the FCA) *
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Please be aware that any of the following permissions granted by the FCA, must relate to non-investment insurance contracts and apply to retail customers:

- Arranging (bringing about) deals in investments.
- Making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments.
- Dealing in investments as an agent.
- Advising on investments (except on Pension Transfers and Pension Opt Outs).

You can check your firm's current permissions profile by visiting

It is also an important requirement that the firm has the ability to conduct General Insurance mediation activity.

Is the firm registered for the purposes of the Consumer Credit Act with the FCA? Yes No *
If yes, what credit permissions do you hold (e.g. credit broking, debt counselling.) *

Please provide a general description of the firm's business trading model:-

Are policies sold on an advised basis? Yes No *
Are policies sold via the telephone? Yes No *
Does the firm introduce business to another firm? Yes No *
Does the firm handle claims on behalf of customers? Yes No *

2. Contact details
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3. Data Protection
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Please note that the following categories are required:
- Accounts & Records
- Insurance Administration
- Provision of Financial Services and Advice